Professional musician for over 20 years, living in Stockholm, Sweden...
Experienced in countless different musical styles, including Pop, Rock, Blues, Jazz, R&B, Fusion and Latin and Brazilian Music, with credits on CDs and DVDs with several Artists...
Musical Producer, Songwriter and Teacher ( Music University Degree )...
Experience in Studios as Musician, Composer and Producer in Artistic Projects, Radio, TV, Web and Multimedia Advertising...



Improve your music knowledge and skills in a music course totally customized to your needs and time. Learn from someone who has years of experience in teaching, recording and playing professionally.

The lessons are designed to help you develop your technique, musical perception, hability to improvise and most important – in a fun and stimulating manner.

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You can also schedule online lessons, via Skype Video. You receive a link to download your full lesson – printable notes, audio and video files and have a 30 minute live lesson through a video call. Contact me for more information, samples and rates.

NEW for 2012 – subscriptions for weekly or monthly video lessons  ( LIVE or pre-recorded ). Choose each music lesson with specific subjects as  Instrument Technique, Chords, Scales, Improvisation and Tone Shaping.


You can order exclusive DVDs with my original video lessons about specific subjects – Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.

You can also receive a link to download the video-lessons if you prefer…

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I have been presenting Workshops in several different musical subjects, at Music Schools, Companies and Private Groups ( Music Students and Enthusiasts )

– Music Apreciation : A Guide to Understand Music through the History and Around the World

– Functional Harmony and Improvisation

– Total Guitar :  the Professional Guitar Playing Career

– Music and Technology : Creating music with Technology – Musical Instruments, Equipment, Computers and Audio Effects